Summertime Fun for the whole Family

HOA and CONDO family fun summer activities

Summertime Fun for the Whole Family

Summer vacation is a horror for some parents, joy for others and the kids just want – and deserve – to have fun. We know that not all communities have amenities like a playground, swimming pool, sports courts and others. So, sometimes, there aren’t many options, especially if the family doesn’t want to spend much money and the parents are working.

To change this boring dilemma, some communities have organized activities and toy rental for their children with a collaborative effort between administration and residents.

To avoid disagreements with neighbors, fights or even accidents in the community, we created some tips:

1 – Children should always be supervised by an adult;

2 – Remind the little ones the rules of your community, especially regarding noise and the use of the playground and the toy bank.

3 – Among the options of games are checkers and other board games, dolls and building blocks, like Legos, K’nex, Lincoln Logs, etc. Another interesting activity is the creation of a library. Parents can donate books. In addition to distracting children, it encourages reading. The library can be set up in a small room with the kids’ help.

4 – Have you tried to call other parents in the community to organize some collective games? It will serve to integrate the residents even more. Talk to other parents and caregivers of children in the community to combine group activities such as games on the court or playroom hours.

5 – Remember that the community employees have their own assignments and do not ask them to take care of the children. It is not their job, they are not responsible for your kids.

6 – The pool, although inviting, should only be used with an adult supervision. Watch it, be careful, it can be a trap! Pools can be dangerous both inside and out. For this reason, the presence of a responsible person and the maintenance are essential for the safety of all. Accidents in Drainage: Longer hair can screw into the common pool drains. Installing a specific pool drain lid helps reduce the risk of accidents.

7 – If there is an event that occurs between two children make sure you maintain a dialogue with your child. Parents and guardians of children within the Condo and HOA must honor the community rules and enforce them accordingly.

Children Friendly Activities

Do not worry, to finalize our article, I will put several activities that I believe can help you, your property manager and your community with the kids. Excited? Take a breath and let’s play:

1 – Prepare a fashion show, children will love it, believe me;

2- Gardening and planting, there’s nothing better than exploring the gardens of your community and let the children have fun with safely and responsibly. Consult your board beforehand.

3- Paper art. Origami? Paper hat? Paper boat?

4 – Create your own toy. Recycling, it is always good to teach small children early.

5 – Create theatrical pieces. Who is the Shakespeare of your community? Romeo and Juliet?

6- And, lastly, my favorite one, a Picnic! Really cool, right? Eating is always good, but try to choose juices, fruit, and healthier foods, ok?

Finally, how will you find out about everything that happens in your condo? How can your property manager inform residents of all permitted activities? Is informative on the door of the elevators and on the notice boards the most correct and assertive? Why not use a complete communication platform for your community? I want to show you how to gain time and communicate effectively with all of the residents! Send me an email or call me, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Traveling? Here are some quick tips.

If you are traveling, do not forget to let someone of your building know!

Traveling is really good, but do not let security aside. Leave the key and a contact phone number with a relative or friend, preferably not in the place;

Check that the water and gas registers are closed and all lights are off before leaving, avoiding possible accidents and waste;

Always notify the caretaker about your absence and if you wish someone to come to your apartment, leave written and signed authorization;

Also tell a neighbor about the trip, he may notice some irregularity in your house.

Now pack your bags and go have fun! Have a good trip!

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