HOA’S Future With Community Software

HOA's Future in community Software is the Future

Like all industries, property management has been affected by the significant evolution of technology in the 21st century. Today, homeowners’ associations face two options: upgrade to stay current with the times, or stay the course and fall behind. Your HOA’s future falls with a community software.

The fact is, the latter option is really a non-starter, because most homeowners know technology exists to streamline processes, enhance communication and generally make their lives easier — so they expect their HOA to embrace what’s cutting edge. Frustration can ensue if members see their association failing to move on from processes and communication methods that are typically considered passé.

The new major computing “darling” is cloud computing, which is nothing more than Internet-based computing, where shared resources, software, information and highly scalable IT capabilities are delivered “as a service,” on demand. With respect to HOA operations, this technology lets property managers focus on the needs of their members, rather than having to be concerned with managing servers, databases, backups and other IT complexities. And, it allows them to be mobile, accessing their “service” not just from their office desktops, but also on-the-go from mobile phones and tablets.

Saving time is a huge benefit from making the most of technology. Think about the hours you would gain if you were able to embed photos of violations right into software during onsite inspections — and have violation letters ready to go out when you returned to the office?

That is just one application. Another that will be more noticeable to homeowners is enhancing your ability to communicate with them — electronically notifying them about meetings, emergencies, or other important time-sensitive communications, and even facilitating electronic balloting for board elections, not to mention giving them a way to quickly communicate with you.

While you may convert to new technology to better serve your HOAs, the process to obtain it can be overwhelming — especially when dealing with a “generic” provider rather than one focused specifically on the property management industry. Vinteum Neighbrs is a powerful as an ideal solution for a new community software, one that addresses issues we know are important to you and HOA members.

Are you willing to let your competition pass you by when it comes to adopting new technology — or do you want to stay current, and thus stay competitive?




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