HOA Spring Checklist

HOA Spring Checklist Vinteum

While it may not feel like it everywhere spring really is just around the corner. Spring officially begins on March 21st! With the season changing there are always a lot of chores that need to be done around the HOA. Especially all outdoor equipment and spaces that have been underused during the cold and darkness of the winter months. Do not leave inspecting your HOA for wear and tear until the last minute! We’ve put together this handy Spring checklist to stay on top of everything.

1. Take a walk: Get outside and have a look at your HOA. It’s all very well writing a list of everything that has to be done when you’re cozy in your office but there may be some issues that you hadn’t noticed that are more pressing. Anything exposed to the elements may have suffered over winter. Sidewalks or carparks may have developed cracks in the surface, the paint may be peeling on a notice board or in the playground. Note down the issues and plan to fix them before spring properly begins. You could ask another board member or maintenance staff to come with you to double check everything. Then bring up the necessary repairs at the next board meeting.

2. It’s waterful: The hot weather that will eventually arrive means that everyone will want a swim. Before opening it to residents you’ll need to clean the water, change the filters, and remove any debris or trash caught in the filtration system. Check the gauges to see if you need to backwash the filters. You should also check the drains, to ensure they’re not blocked. Add more water to adjust the water levels if necessary and any chemical products to bring it up to the recommended amount so that the water is clean as can be. It’s important to maintain your pool properly because the water can become full of suntan lotion, tanning oils, and bacteria in general.

3. Have a wash: When was the last time the tennis court, pool deck, and sidewalks were properly cleaned? I’ll bet it was before winter and right now they are not looking their best. Get your power cleaner out if you own one so that they’re sparkling when residents are ready to spend time outside. Otherwise, you can rent a power cleaner to restore your HOA to its glowing self. The other things that may need a good scrub are your community’s roads, especially if they’ve been salted this winter. More dangerous than the salt is possible cracks in the road or sidewalks from the plow.

4. Flower: Clear away any fallen branches, cut back any plants blocking walkways or windows. Make sure no leaves or twigs are blocking any drains. Drains can very easily get clogged so don’t neglect them. Once everything has been cleared you have a blank canvas to trim trees and bushes and replant any plants that died over winter. Hire an arborist to check your trees are healthy. You may need to fertilize any flower beds before anything can be mowed and seeds can be sowed. Replanting and redesigning garden beds can really transform your HOA and make it look like a whole new place, you can hire a landscaper or get the residents involved for a fun community project.

5. What else have you been putting off? Now is a good time to address the tasks you’ve been putting off to deal with urgent matters that cropped up. When was the last time you got all the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms tested? Has anyone inspected the roof recently? Have you checked your foundation vents to be sure that no critters are living there? And the gym and playground equipment, has it all been tested and tightened? Have you ordered enough chlorine to last throughout pool season? Have you scheduled your yearly fire inspection? What about a health inspection? Take spring cleaning and organizing seriously and you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

6. Have a chat: Let your residents know all the things that are going on in your HOA to be ready for Spring. No-one likes being surprised by the sound of lawn mowers and saws. Use Neigbrs to send an email, text or automated phone call letting them know that there will be work going on. You can also use it so residents can let you know of problems in the HOA. Maybe they noticed a rusty gate that you hadn’t, they can tell you about it through service requests. Then, when you’re ready for the grand unveiling of all the work you’ve done, create an event in Neigbrs, and post it on your website!

7. Celebrate: There are a lot of chores crammed into this Spring checklist. Celebrate having done all of them and get your whole HOA together to honor the new season. You could have a community dog walk or a cook-off, or maybe it’s warm enough for a picnic to show off the newly redesigned outdoors. Or find a projector and have an outdoor movie night! If you used the coming of spring to redesign your pool then a pool party is always an option. Otherwise, a barbeque always appeals to both the young and old. The world really is oyster when it comes to party options, but whatever you decide, make sure to relax and enjoy it!

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