Getting Your Condo or HOA Ready for Summer

HOA summer check list

Summer upon us and as the weather outside gets warmer, people want to spend more time outside and make home repairs. Get your HOA or condominium board ready for the summer season with these easy tips.

Summer Safety Checks

During the summer people spend a lot of time outdoors. There will be grilling, swimming, outdoor games, backyard marshmallow cooking, and sunbathing. All of these changes in routine bring about safety concerns. Consider reminding residents about sun safety, pool safety, and grill safety as the weather gets warm.

Roof or Property Repair

As residents spend more time outside, they may notice that their rental unit needs property repairs or roof repairs. Each HOA has a set definition of what repairs must be paid for by the resident and which repairs are paid for by the HOA. Consider posting these rules as a reminder to residents who may be wondering.

Check-In With Maintenance

Your maintenance department will likely be busy during the summer season. Consider checking in to see if they need any more supplies or staff before the summer season gets into full gear. If your maintenance department takes care of lawn mowing, pool cleanings, or other landscaping tasks- it’s important to check that all machines needed are running properly.

Update Rules for Outdoor Decoration

With warm weather also comes lawn gnomes and growing grass. Be sure that your residents know the HOA regulations on gardens, lawns, and outdoor decoration. If there are complaints from neighbors, be sure staff knows how to best address these concerns in a professional manner.

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