Five ideas for a great property management website

property management website ideas

A good website is absolutely key for your business. It shows that you’re a credible, trustworthy company that a community would want to hire. It’s easy to pay someone to do your website, when it’s done it’s beautiful and professional, but not always easy to edit. But having an editable website is necessary, and with so many websites that offer easily editable templates, you can create a website yourself without needing to know how to code. It can be difficult coming up with ideas for how to make your website the best possible. Our five ideas encompass everything from pre-planning to what to do after you’ve set it up.

1 Have a look

Before you start creating your website, have a look at your competitors, and other property management companies that are a lot larger, smaller and are out of State. What do you like? What could you improve? It’s important to get inspiration before you start building your own website. You want your website to follow some sort of pattern, as well as being unique. Don’t copy exactly what everyone else is doing, but do cherry pick the very best elements so that you come out strongest.

2 Get a unique URL

There are a lot of different sites that you can create your own website on. Normally, they give you a URL that includes their site name and you can pay more to have your own personal URL. You should definitely pay the fee, it makes it so much easier for people to find you if you have your own URL. It also makes you look more trustworthy that you’ve invested in your brand and website. You don’t have to make this investment for all the communities you manage, but you should for your main website.

property management website ideas

3 Include your story

Your story is your brand. It can be the thing that makes a customer decide that they want you because they identify with your story. It’s what makes your company different, it motivates you. It gives your customers a connection with you. It also shows why your business exists, your key values, and why you’re uniquely qualified to solve your clients’ problems. While your prices, and what you offer matter, your story can give you a beating heart that will attract people to you, this emotion is extremely important. If you can include a video here then definitely do.

4 Include pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Include pictures of you and your team, they’re unique to your company and you should show them off! It gives your staff a name and face so your clients know a bit about them before they meet them. I personally love it when companies include some information about their staff, I’ll read every one. It makes me feel as if I knew them and makes me like the company more. Even if your company is very small putting faces to the team makes your business more human. This trust will increase interest in your business.

5 Refresh it

Just because you create the site once that doesn’t mean you’re done. You need to keep updating it with new pictures, new information, any new team members, and the properties that you manage. Keeping your website up to date shows that you’re dedicated to your business, that you put in the effort to communicate well with clients. It also makes people want to come back to see what’s new and interesting. If you post a lot on your website Google will love you more, and they’ll rank you higher in their results. So if someone searches ‘property manager CA’, you’ll be up there as a relevant result, you want to aim to be up in the top three results. Even if you’re a small company you can get there if you put in the time to show your website some TLC.

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list. You should include a contact form, your logo, a blog is also ideal for your ranking. It’s an easy way to keep posting on your website, but it does require time and dedication. You need to include links that are useful for the communities you manage, such as forms, applications, and payment links.

It’s always good to have reviews from clients, I don’t know about you but if a company or product has bad reviews I don’t go for it. Reviews show your potential clients what you’re really like to work with.


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