The 5 Best HOA Websites of 2019

5 best HOA websites

Some HOA managers can be very resistant to using technology for their HOA. But it can be an incredible tool, both for communication, and also for showing off the beautiful place that both residents and managers care for. Your HOA website can mirror your neighborhood and show your community’s spirit to the world.

At Vinteum Software, we build website and backend resident portals to encourage effective communication between residents, the board of directors and the HOA manager. Part of this communication includes tracking the latest trends, design aesthetics and features, and ensuring that our clients have all the best tools at their fingertips. So we’ve reviewed a LOT of websites and narrowed it down to the top 5 best HOA websites. We hope you find inspiration to help you create the best website for your HOA.

Beau Chêne

Beau Chêne’s website is beautiful, the photos are stunning. It gives you a real feel of the community, and it also gives insight into the history of the property. This is really fascinating when your community has such a rich history. All the information that would interest buyers, and that residents could need, is right there in the website. The news section is informative and gives you a sense of community within Beau Chêne. The website appears to reflect the community’s spirit, which is a really great tool to promote your HOA. They also have their Facebook page linked to their website. Having a Facebook page promoting your HOA is an excellent way to keep in touch with residents and also make your HOA known.

Walden Lake Community


The simplicity of this website is what makes it one of the best. They make the outdoors their selling point, making it a very attractive sounding HOA. It doesn’t show any of the buildings, instead websites focuses on their stunning lake and incredible wildlife. It has maps of all the different neighborhoods and a small description of each one. The one thing it lacks is that the information is very spread out and a bit hard to find, it’s not the most intuitive website.

Hunter’s Green

Hunter’s Green in Florida is a well organized website. It’s full of information, and most importantly it’s easy to find. Possible new residents, family of residents and the curious can find everything on this website, and get a sneak peek into life in this HOA. The resident portal is also built-in to the website, making it easier to access. The only small issue, and it could be viewed as charming, is that the website seems a bit homemade. Reducing the colors, and changing would make the HOA seem more serious.

Walnut Country

Walnut Country strikes the perfect balance of professional photos and information without being busy. It shows off the natural beauty of the HOA and all the amenities that they have. They cater perfectly to their residents’ needs, answering all the FAQs they may have. All the contacts the residents may require, and all HOA documents are easily accessible through the HOA webpage. It’s a very intuitive website, very easy to use and everything is well laid out. However, when you include a lot of information this decreases your security, it may be better to make some information only accessible to residents.

The Weatherstone Community

Weatherstone Community HOA

This website looks very professional. The photos they use are high quality, the black and white logo is classic. The website is kept up to date with everything from recycling schedules, and budget meetings to the next community events, and air quality in the region. There is clear information on what’s happening in the community, all repair schedules, and the documents residents may require. There is also a lot of extra information on the services, any new resident could find everything they need on this website. That is everything that an HOA association website needs to be.


Vinteum is the developer behind products like Vinteum Neigbrs, a web and mobile solution that connects residents and property managers. Our mission is to improve the quality of service provided by property managers and make their lives easier. We leverage the power of technology and efficiency, coupled with an incredible design, to create open communication between residents, boards of directors and property managers. In order to achieve this effect, we utilize a wide range of tools such as community-wide notices, a private social network, secure document storage, personalized websites, and so much more. All this improves the experience of managing associations and of living in a community.

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