The 5 Best Condo Websites

Checkout these condo websites. How do they compare to your community's website

Technology is a funny thing. It’s always progressing and stirs many different emotions in different people. Some condominium board members feel this urge to have the best and brightest, while others just want to have something functional. Having a website for communities, big or small, new or old, is becoming more important for the success of the community. There are countless ways to go about getting it done, here we’ve put together five very different sites, which we think are the best condo websites.

At Vinteum, we build websites and backend resident portals to encourage effective communication between residents, the board of directors and the Condominium manager. Part of this is tracking the latest trends, design aesthetics and features, ensuring that our clients have all the best tools at their fingertips. We’ve reviewed hundreds of websites and whittled it down to the top 5 best condo websites.


Upon its completion in 1913 this iconic building once ruled the New York skyline as the tallest building in the world. Since then the top 30 floors have been transformed into a luxury condominium. The website has a classically modern approach with complete with sophisticated photos and videography. They show the inside of apartments, the amenities residents can enjoy and provide insight into the building’s history. The website offers a functionally responsive design, an impeccable selection of imagery touting the community’s amenities and entire history lesson wrapped up into this condominium’s website. The one wish would be more functional features for the residents and current condo owners to access community documents, submit a service request, etc. via a secure login.


Screenshot of the Woolworth Condominium's website and homepage



Sunny, stunning and just a few steps from the hot sand of South Beach. The Akoya Condo Association’s sleek, modern, and functional website offers prospective buyers, family members, and passers-by the opportunity to get a sneak peek into this incredible association. Professional photography accompanies each of this condo’s beautiful amenities. The website includes things a resident or interested buyers would need to know about the condo, including floor plans, contact information, etc.  It also offers easy access to the resident portal on the backend. The only thing that it lacks is any detailed information (forms, newsletters, etc) for their residents. However, their modern look and beautiful photos won it a place on our list of the best condo websites.


Akoya offers its condo residents a sleek website that boast powerful function allowing condo owners to connect with management with a secure login.



Village at Cordata Condominium Association, or VACCA, has a kick-ass website. They’re a 55+ community, showing that you don’t have to be a young and hip condo community to have a powerful website. The association makes it onto our list of the best condo websites because it combines usability, great imagery and incredible functionality for its residents.  Residents are able to access governing documents, learn about the condominium committees, research service providers and contact the board all from the website. Whereas anyone browsing gets a real feel for the community spirit and plenty of information on what’s going on in the association. It’s also mobile ready to accommodate an active adult lifestyle.


VACCA is a 55+ community will a killer website, making our top 5 best condo website list.



Being a client of Vinteum Software, we may be a bit biased, but we think its a pretty dang impressive site! We may assist in the initial setup, however, it’s up to the board at Admiral’s Walk to provide the beautiful photos and update the content! The stunning pictures give everyone a taste of what life in their condo is like, and they post information that’s relevant and useful for their residents. It looks equally great on desktop and on mobile. The best part is that all of this is independent to a secure backend portal for residents to access additional documentation, communication, and submit service requests.


Best Condo Websites Vinteum



Last but not least, this Orlando based community offers a bucket load of functions for their current owners and their prospective residents. They include applications, floor plans, and a listing portal for owners looking to sell or rent their units, pay dues, and so much more! It’s certainly a functional website, but it’s slightly lacking a responsive design able to meet the needs of a busy resident, and some of the pages don’t work. However, all necessary contact information is there, along with fees, and forms. It also has a button to access their Facebook page which is regularly updated and has everything that a resident may need, including hurricane info.

This website makes our list of best condo websites due to its focus on resident function.

These five websites are very different, yet they are all the best condo websites. The Woolworth Tower and Akoya Condominium are both luxurious, but the former is steeped in New York history and the latter is very Miami modern. VACCA shows how awesome a 55+ community can be, while Audubon Place’s website shows that simple is also cool. Finally, Admiral’s Walk combines the ideal getaway with the best gateway into the City That Never Sleeps.


Vinteum is the developer behind products like Vinteum Neigbrs, a web and mobile solution that connects residents and property managers. Our mission is to improve the quality of service provided by property managers and make their lives easier. We leverage the power of technology and efficiency, coupled with an incredible design, to create open communication between residents, boards of directors and property managers. In order to achieve this effect, we utilize a wide range of tools such as community-wide notices, a private social network, secure document storage, personalized websites, and so much more. All this improves the experience of managing associations and of living in a community.

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Originally published in September 2018 and updated in April 2019.

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